Science Snapshot #1

This science lesson is for 3rd grade. Lesson is about comparing different landforms. Students will create a four flip book in displaying knowledge of identifying four different landforms, with pictures, definition, and an example. The landforms are hills, mountains, plains, and a valley.

Math Snapshot #3

This lesson is for 2nd grade. The focus of the lesson is measurement with standard units. The students will read “Inch by Inch” by Leo Lioni. The student will find length of objects using concrete models for standard units and determine length of object using rulers. , Students will create binding book of displaying ability to measure any object around the room/house and reading a ruler in inches. Students will create their own “Inch by Inch” book.

Math Snapshot #2

This math lesson is for 5th grade. The student will represent the knowledge of knowing the vocabulary words in solving multi-step equations.  Student will create four flap book displaying the knowledge learned of vocabulary and solving multi step problems involving four operations using equations with a letter for the unknown quantity.

Math Snapshot #1

The students will be creating an envelope wallet book with three activities completed on each envelope. Inside the envelope will be the materials needed to complete the math activities. Students have to answer, cut, and glue, to show learning.

This lesson is focused on solve word problems with missing addends. Students will use their practicing skills when they create this envelope wallet book. This lesson was a theme of Valentine’s Day.