For the first scavenger, I decided to make a cute clipboard. When I was younger I never saw a teacher without a clipboard especially those conduct clipboards where I got “N’s and U’s” for talking all the time. I figured it was a necessity for me now. I love floral, stripes, and gold so I put it together. I am not handy with mod podge as this was my first time to use it so as you can see, I need more practice.



Math Scavenger Hunt


I made a math sign out sheet on Microsoft Excel because will all the stuff students will be using it will be hard to keep up. Especially if students are grabbing things once they’re done without notifying you. The sign out sheet shows respect to the teacher and teaches responsibility to students to always write down date and time you signed out the activity or game board. I put it in a picture frame so the Expo marker can easily write and erase on it. Then I decorated the frame to be math related. IMG_6809


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