Life Cycle board game

This game can be used during the unit of life cycles. The trivia questions can be switched in and out. The ones used for this particular time was the questions on the life cycle of a turtle, butterfly, insect, and a couple of questions on a chicken’s life cycle. It’s very independent to where if a few students are finished with work, they can quietly go play the game and know exactly what to do.

Life Cycle Science Board Game Instructions

2-4 players

materials: game pieces, die, trivia questions and board.


How to play:


  1. All players start at the beginning
  2. When it is player’s turn, player picks up question based on all life cycles.
  3. Questions can ask anything about life cycle of butterfly, water, ladybug, and even turtle.
  4. One different player must ask question. If player gets question correct, player rolls die to move game piece.
  5. If player answers question wrong, player must stay where it is.
  6. First player to the end, wins the game.

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