Teaching Model- Inquiry

Inquiry teaching method is learner centered and the teacher is the facilitator of learning. It goes beyond learning about a topic it allows learner to develop critical-thinking skills, information-processing, and problem-solving skills. Inquiry teaching model starts with asking questions.




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Clothes Pins

For the first resource challenge, I used clothes pins to help students practice their fact families. I grabbed 10 clothes pins and used front and back to number 1-20. Then I added popsicle sticks for the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division signs. I found a a little bag lying around that was able to store both the popsicle sticks and clothes pin. This is a good busy work activity students can do at their seat. Each table group can have a bag. The student will simply draw a popsicle stick and two clothes pins from the bag, clip it on, then write the sentence and answer on a sheet of paper. This is great for all ages because you can take away the multiplication/division popsicle sticks for the younger ones but then keep them for the older gradesimg_5241