Plastic Jug

This resource challenge I used a laundry detergent jug and cut, painted, and made a supplies holder. The front has chalkboard paint so it can be erased and used for different items.

Paint Stir Sticks

For this resource challenge, I took paint stir sticks and had Home Depot saw off the ends of them and made name tags. Desk name tag has two paint stir stick ends on the back with wood glue. Also, made a stand with stir stick and ends to hold up a hot glued “Math” tag. Lastly, I painted over two paint stir sticks to create students’ names and wood glued to ends to the back to help it stand up.img_5384

Teaching Model- Lesson Cycle

The Lesson Cycle was brought up by Madeline Hunter. She said that whatever teacher’s style, grade level, subject, economic background a lesson plan must have eight elements to enhance students’ learning. She believed with her own knowledge and experience teachers lesson plans are of decision making and should be explicitly taught so students could get it right the first time. The lesson plan was a process of objectives, anticipatory set, input, modeling, checks for understanding, guided practice, independent practice, and closure.

Science Day in History


March 12th, 1923. Phono film was introduced by Dr. Lee De Forest. The sound on film process was by optical recording with a light valve that directly recorded on the film strip. Thanks to Dr. Lee De Forest we now have talking films.