My name is Jayden Kerr. I am a senior. EC-6th generalist. Raised in Tomball, TX.. blame it all on my roots I show up in boots everywhere I go. Transferred to Sam from Southern Mississippi in 2014. Love animals almost to the point of questioning, “why am I not a vegetarian?” Then I think of Chick- Fil- A and remember that’s why. Obsessed with those cheesy, but classic television shows, I love Lucy, Cosby Show yes, even the 90s classics, Full House and Friends. I’m a big time movie quoter and an amateur photographer. I have a twin. She’s the humorous one, I’m the athletic one. Suffers from a severe case of wanderlust. IN love with my dog named, Ruby.14711679_10210013814155992_2262355411897356040_o

The. worst. selfie. taker. Been coloring outside of the lines since ’94. And I am forever learning to live with joy on this side of heaven.


This blog is posts  of descriptions, photos, projects, lessons, etc. for Methods Block Spring 2017.



My goals for my students is to learn by exploring and enjoying it. I believe the world is the classroom so if you are going to learn it here, use it there. I want students to believe that life is not a destination but rather a journey  of constant ups, downs, mistake making, finding what they love, challenging themselves, and it all starts just being a kid. I believe students have gifts and talents that are valuable and should be used to the best of their ability even academically. My main goal for my students is… (Mr. Feeny says it best) “Believe in yourselves, dream, try, do good.”


My approach to teaching is simply approach with grace and love. I believe the firm foundation is student centered with great teacher-student relationships. To know your students is to teach them well. Apparently, I am gifted with kids so one of my strengths is I connect well with young people. I am the optimist. So I will find the bright side on a cloudy day in the classroom. I am determined, therefore I lash determination on others. I approach with that determination that every student will do their best even when they are not good at it. I love variety so my teaching approach will be a little bit of everything and is constantly changing.