Eggcellent Science Demo

This activity is an experiment to demonstrate Newton’s First Law of Inertia. This activity can be used as young as 2nd grade to as old as 6th grade. It still gives a visual experiment of demonstrating what inertia means. To modify this activity, instead of using eggs and cups of water, this can be used with playing cards, quarters, and an empty glass. Bill Nye does an example of this in one of the episodes.

@ 6:34

Science Concept: In this activity, it demonstrates the Newton’s first law in the most basic way. The first law is the law of inertia. Newton stated that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon. When acted upon with an unbalanced force the object will continue in motion with the same speed and same direction. Example, if something is dropped in a straight line, it will drop in a straight line unless force acts upon it. Just like a baseball thrown by a pitcher, it won’t go in to left field unless the batter swings and hits into left field.


Eggcellent Drop Science Demo


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