Math Station

Multiples Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Have two students play against each other. This is played with dice, can be #’s 1-6 dice or #1-9, or #1-12 depending on the level of multiplication facts. Have the tic-tac-toe paper in a sheet protector and use expo markers. It’s the basic tic-tac-toe game except instead of X’s and O’s players will use the product of

  1. Have a student roll a die to determine what multiple they will be working with. Have student write the number they rolled in the corner.
  2. The game begins when the multiples of number is determined.
  3. Have each student take turns in rolling a die to multiply the number they rolled and the multiple numbers. For example, if the multiple’s number is 4 and the student rolls a 7, the student will multiply 4×7.
  4. The student writes the product in the desired space of the tic-tac-toe game.
  5. First player with their colored products in a row wins the game.
  6. Board is cleared and played again.

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