Kid Kit

Math and Science

This kid kit was created with an old laptop box. Fabric and letters were hot glued to box. Inside: 10 activities(7 science & 3 math), all except two items are in box with sheet protectors, expo markers, and materials needed for students to accomplish activities.

All activities are plant themed with TEKS and incorporates different learning styles for students. Directions for each activity are attached to top of box with numbers so students know exactly what activity goes with what directions.


1. Ping-pong planting game.

2. Plant matching game

3. Gardening activity

4. Butterfly wheel life cycle and Flower Word Search

5. Garden fill in blank poem

6. Seed Identification game with QR code

7. Science Board game


8. Blooming fractions

9. Flower pot math

10. Planting skills

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